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Writer's Block: Life's lessons
If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

Mrs. Ivans.
Im sorry that you weren't as intelligent the average fifth grader, and felt that terrifying us into submission would make up for it. I pray that at some point in your life, you learned that bullying small children into tears, was not the way to bump up your ego. I pray that you eventually forgave whomever it was that taught you that it was a good idea to throw erasers and chalk at your students.
Im sorry that my mother embarrassed you, in front of your students. But I cannot say that you didnt deserve it.

I understand why you became an alcoholic. It must have been hard, with your daughter getting pregnant, in grade 7, and your wife, always cheating on you. I forgive you, for telling my mother and myself, that I wouldnt live to see graduation, simply because you had no control over your own students. I feel a great deal of pity for you, and how much you must have hated Mr. Hamakawa, who had to replace you to bring order to your school, eventually.
But you see, Im still alive... and happy.
And that in itself, must just eat you up inside.

Forgive me for gloating.


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