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Im fed up...
seriously here folks...
first of all - its *just* a game.
Secondly - If you are that seriously offended by negative female stereo types, why the hell are you playing WoW, to begin with?
Listen, the world we live in isnt perfect, but there are places where it used to be safe, for teenage boys, to be teenage boys.
Why are we taking that away from them?

Yes, the outfits are sexy, the storylines are male centric, and theres a large lack of female role models. But you know what? I thought that was all just things you learned to accept and deal with, when you played with the boys.

You want a story that doesnt include slutty innkeepers daughters, fat women jokes, and armor that makes Princess Leia looks chaste? Then go find a mylittlepony game. World of "Warcraft" intones a certain - masculinity to it. Its War. A place where in our current culture, women arent readily accepted. This is a game developed, in this culture. The fact that we get all shocked and shaken every time Blizzard, or - Hollywood, or - whatever, decides that women are sexy and Men brooding and nasty misogynists just tells me that hypocrisy is alive and well.

Ill tell you what... when *you* decide to drop the make up, the jewelry, and wear a burka - men will quit looking at you like your sexy. We *cant* have it both fucking ways, ladies, or have you *not* figured that out by now?

Its not "an excuse" - men *are* visually* stimulated.and you *know* that - other wise you wouldnt care about the perfectcocksucking pout, the glamor nails to scratch up his back, the form fitting shirts that show off every curve you have to offer....
Now - the men do have a responsibility to respond in a *controlled* manner.... thier bodies are in thier own control, just like our choice to wear the shorts skirts are...

But when you step into a fictional world - a world that has *long* been the singular domain of frustrated 40 year old virgins living in thier parents basements.... and Im betting that only 1/50 of those are female... (I should know, I was one) Then guess what - its *thier* world

Its the same thing if you want to be a woman plumber, or carpenter.
You want to play with the boys, well guess what - they *dont* play like us.
They insult each other - and then *laugh*it*off* - and forget about it.
They say rude, terrible, nasty things - and most of the time - mean *nothing* by it.

So why the fuck - if this bothers you - do you *want* to be in thier world?
Perhaps we should petition Blizzard to make us a womans version of WoW.
The guys would be in loincloths
THe women would be in full armor.
The Quest lines would be all about how men cheated, lied and beat thier way through - and now deserved retribution.
Except around holidays, where it would all be like Valentines day - everybody falling in love and breaking hearts and kicking asses.
All the bosses could be the women who put these male puppets in power
And Jaina Proudmore and Alexstrasia would be lovers, and rule the whole damn world.

Me, Im going to stay were Thrall is sexy, Arthas is a basterd, and innkeeper's daughters jokes make me snicker.
I perfer to pick up my non-existent balls, and play with the bigboys.
And enjoy the fact that I know, that in real life, I can turn them into gibbering piles of goo.

Because I understand that men are men, and women are women, and thank *god* - we are different.

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Great rant. And besides, Blizz has thrown us a great bone:

Have you ever seen a Blood Elf male in hotpants, fuck me boots, and a leather harness? :D

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