Writer's Block: Life's lessons
If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

Mrs. Ivans.
Im sorry that you weren't as intelligent the average fifth grader, and felt that terrifying us into submission would make up for it. I pray that at some point in your life, you learned that bullying small children into tears, was not the way to bump up your ego. I pray that you eventually forgave whomever it was that taught you that it was a good idea to throw erasers and chalk at your students.
Im sorry that my mother embarrassed you, in front of your students. But I cannot say that you didnt deserve it.

I understand why you became an alcoholic. It must have been hard, with your daughter getting pregnant, in grade 7, and your wife, always cheating on you. I forgive you, for telling my mother and myself, that I wouldnt live to see graduation, simply because you had no control over your own students. I feel a great deal of pity for you, and how much you must have hated Mr. Hamakawa, who had to replace you to bring order to your school, eventually.
But you see, Im still alive... and happy.
And that in itself, must just eat you up inside.

Forgive me for gloating.

I suppose,
that I am a bad, bad, person tonight... for presuming that Danny Elfman is condemned to hell...
I cant know the state of another mans heart - thats between him and God.
But it certainly takes a load of guilt of my mind, for condemning him there, as I attempt to sleep. Attempt to shut down my head...
but all I hear, going round and round, is...

"kidnap the Sandy Claws, throw him in a bag..."
"la da da di dee,dee, dee, blah blah blah blah blah....."

Because I can only remember one line of the wretched song, that wont stop!

So - I broke down, and watched the travesty that is Lost Boys: The Thirst.
Plot points I wrote years ago -

Vampire blood as an addictive drug.
Head vampire not who you think he is.
Head vampire *actually* a very pretty young blond boy (Yes, I think they were trying to copy TB, here - but Im counting this as an ANgst Inc rip off - Ill explain why later)

Way overused plot points -

the emotional flashback. - yes, I know that its kind of a homage to the *other* Carey - but, oh dear god - this was *bad*.
the young pretty overlord - we get it, the boss isnt always dependent on physically intimidating persona.
The sexy lure - yes, again, we know, men think with thier cocks. But *still* people... this was truely unnecesary.
tits. - there was absolutely no need to put those in this movie. The profanity was minimal, there were no sex scenes, and your leads never took *thier* shirts off - so why do you feel it necessary to show no less then at least 20 sets of tits, occasionally attached to mouths attached to each other... I have no idea.
and just for the Lost Boys fans -
The "Ive drank the blood, but still not 100% vampire, so Ill help you fight, because I dont want to be evil" thing.

The whole point of this movie, is that they give them vamp blood as a drug, and of course, it gives them the thirst, which *must*be*given*into*. - Instant army of vampires. having one of your main characters resisting it?
Particularly someone as lame as the "other" Frog brother?
After we've already established that Star, Micheal, and Sam, all were turned?
stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now, - after Ive got that out of my system, let me just say this - because if you're reading this blog, then this will matter...

Prettiest, boy. *EVER*.
Ive looked him up, IMDB'd him - cant find pics *anywhere* - totally breaking my heart.
Hes fine boned and blonde as Draco, but taller and far better looking.
He has the face of an absolute fucking angel - and the mouth, holy mother of god, Id let that mouth bite me *any*day*.
Blue eyes - like, Jades blue eyes.

Through most of the movie he's restrained, being fed liquid garlic to keep him subdued (yes, this is a massive spoiler, deal with it)
But once he gets free - hes - beyond stunning.

Felix Mosse, is his real name, and if you can find *any* decent pictures of this amazing god, please - *please* let me know.
And yes, Im going to say it - hes worth watching the movie for - if , you know - what I think matters in a movie like this - actually does matter...

Annnnnd... yes - He may just seem so pretty to me, because theres *so* much terrible/ugly/ridiculous around him - but - I dont care...
soooo pretty.

Another Charecter Resume... Renauld.

Renauld benJedi

Renauld benDavid


DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Always around 20 years of age. Born in NY.


SWORD(S) AND/OR OTHER WEAPONS: favours a long sword, or crossbow. Has a small mini one that has a wrist attachment. Likes useing poison darts.



HEIGHT/WEIGHT/PHYSICIAL DESCRIPTION: Around 6 feet and lanky, with a boyish, energetic aura. Longish, wavy dark hair, always in his eyes, hiding black, wide set eyes. Not heavily muscled, clothes seem to drape on him unless specifically tailored.


PARENTS' NAMES AND OCCUPATIONS: Child of Tikva benJedi, and Eros. Usually conceived purposefully to create the strongest Eros in history.


SPOUSE OR LOVER: Never keeps one for more then a few weeks, until he met the Spanish/Mexican cook, Eduardo, whom he refuses to leave, and often even refuses to “cheat” on – although Eddy’s definition of “cheating” is more liberal then most.

EDUCATION OF SUBJECT: Princeton Grad in architectural design.

OCCUPATION/EMPLOYER: Could be considered self employed, but in truth, has never really worked a day in his life.


JOB-RELATED SKILLS: Has degree in architectural design, Is a practiced politician/diplomat.

POLITICAL BELIEFS/AFFILIATIONS: Cares very little about political things, although has been known to get strongly behind particular causes. Is very liberal in his thoughts.

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: He believes in little other then his own God-hood.

HOBBIES/RECREATIONS:Sex. Drug dealing, occasionally, when strapped for cash.

PERSONAL QUALITIES (GOOD AND BAD): Spoiled, selfish princling with seeming no end to a slightly sociopathic, narcissi mindset. Can however, be very generous, and warm, to people he cares about.

AMBITIONS: none known. Although you could say that leading a decadent, pampered life, would count.

FEARS/ANXIETIES/HANGUPS: Like most of those in his social circle, he fears very little. Maybe other then reality.

INTELLIGENCE: Highly intelligent, when he chooses to use it.

COMMON SENSE: Is actually remarkably sensible, and has good street skills, making him an easy leader in amongst his peers.

SENSE OF HUMOR: Loves practical jokes and crude humor. Borders on cruelty, but rarely crosses over.

MOST PAINFUL SETBACK/DISAPPOINTMENT: Usually getting booted out of University for a string of misdemeanours.


DEFINING MOMENT: As a child, realizing that he could sell his kisses.

VALUES: Money and prestige. Eddy.

TASTE IN FOOD AND DRINK: Has an odd passion for curry, in all flavours and types. Loves Mediterranean, greek, and middle eastern dishes.

TASTE IN ART: Modern design, particularly sculpture.

TASTE IN MUSIC: Modern dance and club music, som neo-punk and classic rock.

TASTE IN BOOKS: Fashion magazines, mostly.

TASTE IN MOVIES: Doesnt usually like movies, finding them a waste of time, during which you could be *doing* things – or people.

TASTE IN DECOR: Strongly influenced by his Uncle, likes sparse, clean lines and a great deal of glass and metal. Bright colors in accessories.

TASTE IN CLOTHING: Suits, usually modern materials and colors, bright or even garish accessories.

ATTITUDE TOWARD LIFE: Take all you can, give nothing back.

ATTITUDE TOWARD DEATH: Doesnt concern him, at all.


Random charecter development day...
Murphys Law

Coban Grant

Corban BenJedi

SanIDego, California, USA

Always NY USA. Date changes. Corban is always around 30 years of age.

Early 30’s. Usually self imposed, or set on by his teacher/trainer.

Favors guns, but is trained in fencing.

Usually Misha, or David BenJedi


Corban is over six feet and could be described as “lanky” but is deceptively well muscled. He is dark/olive complexion, and always marked by his prominent nose. Usually has longish hair, dark and wavy.

Usually Jewish Is also ancient fae – although thats still questionable.
PARENTS' NAMES AND OCCUPATIONS: Mother is usually Tikva BenJedi. Has been the ancient known as Mena. Father has been both Eros, and Misha benJedi.


SPOUSE OR LOVER: Corban is a “player” and other then a few relationships with prominent underlings, no one would dare to try to “claim” him.

EDUCATION OF SUBJECT: Harvard business degree, and usually a related degree in languages/romantic lit.

OCCUPATION/EMPLOYER: Usually the largest library in the area, or self employed.

STANDING IN THE COMMUNITY: Bottom rung, or top rung. Either student/librarian, or World leader. He moves up very quickly through manipulation, sex and careful planning.

JOB-RELATED SKILLS: Diplomat and well versed translator. Master seducer.

POLITICAL BELIEFS/AFFILIATIONS: Corban has extremely strong political leanings, that he usually hides. He firmly believes in “mortal rights” and the superiority of his species. He believes that war is absolutely unnecessary, and ruling with a strong hand, while the individual person should see themselves as part of a whole. Almost leaning into communism.

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: Man is supreme, and every man, is less then he is.

HOBBIES/RECREATIONS: Romantic and gothic novels. He is an avid reader. He watches politics and the world around him critically, however. He also enjoys playing cards, and is usually a gracious loser.

PERSONAL QUALITIES (GOOD AND BAD): He tends to see the world through rose tinted glasses, and will always claim, that he just wants everybody, to love him. He isn’t Narcissist, but can be wildly co-dependent, once he has actually fallen in love. Has a cruel streak, that once tapped, is unsatable.

AMBITIONS: to have someone who loves him, and him alone. Or everybody to love him... and *Him* alone.

FEARS/ANXIETIES/HANGUPS: He despises being alone, but when he is, shows signs of agoraphobia; preferring dark, closed spaces. Doesnt trust any “organization” and has a perverse fondness for chaos – which he pushes as a regime once in power through his odd mix of communism and autocratic leadership styles.

INTELLIGENCE: Highly intelligent, but very bull headed and stubborn.

COMMON SENSE: very little understanding of what most people would attribute to common sense. He is a “romantic” who rules more by his instinct then by law.

SENSE OF HUMOR: mild. He tends to angst easily, wound deeply, and take most things at how he sees them.

MOST PAINFUL SETBACK/DISAPPOINTMENT: Usually what he sees as a betrayal by a lover, which is anything that he doesn’t agree with. Inevitable.

MOST INSTRUCTIVE/MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCE: Being very young, he usually sees and responds very quickly to friendship, and learned fast that a little bit of adoration is the most powerful way to get what he wants.

DEFINING MOMENT: as of this point, probably when the leader of his current people took him in as consort and advisor.

VALUES: love, above all other things. Privacy and quiet as well, mean a great deal to him.

TASTE IN FOOD AND DRINK: cheap American and fine French. Well prepared Italian. Doesnt like Mexican, or Chinese. Prefers to be vegetarian, but will eat meat – or get cravings for burgers, when human.

TASTE IN ART: Goya, Delacroix, Thomas Cole

TASTE IN MUSIC: Paganini, Lizt, modern gothic themes, Evanesence

TASTE IN BOOKS: Erotic and romantic poetry and novels.

TASTE IN MOVIES: War related dramas, shakesperian remakes.

TASTE IN DECOR: Velvet and lace and satin, rich dark colors. The vampire Lestat on a bad day.

TASTE IN CLOTHING Practical and simple. Likes a lot of pockets and comfortable, soft fabrics.

ATTITUDE TOWARD LIFE: the only thing I have to give is my heart, and I give it to everybody, with everything I have.

ATTITUDE TOWARD DEATH: Romanticises the idea of death to a great deal. Imagines dying dramatically in his lovers grasp – regularly.

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (IN ONE PHRASE): There is nothing, without love.


Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Couldnt help myself -
stolin from "Overheard everywhere else"

Because you just *know* that Ryder has had this conversation - and probably with Max....

Boy #1: Dude, you know what the best time to get high would be? Right before temple.
Boy #2: No, dude, it's Yom Kippur. You'll be so hungry...

Im fed up...
seriously here folks...
first of all - its *just* a game.
Secondly - If you are that seriously offended by negative female stereo types, why the hell are you playing WoW, to begin with?
Listen, the world we live in isnt perfect, but there are places where it used to be safe, for teenage boys, to be teenage boys.
Why are we taking that away from them?

Yes, the outfits are sexy, the storylines are male centric, and theres a large lack of female role models. But you know what? I thought that was all just things you learned to accept and deal with, when you played with the boys.

You want a story that doesnt include slutty innkeepers daughters, fat women jokes, and armor that makes Princess Leia looks chaste? Then go find a mylittlepony game. World of "Warcraft" intones a certain - masculinity to it. Its War. A place where in our current culture, women arent readily accepted. This is a game developed, in this culture. The fact that we get all shocked and shaken every time Blizzard, or - Hollywood, or - whatever, decides that women are sexy and Men brooding and nasty misogynists just tells me that hypocrisy is alive and well.

Ill tell you what... when *you* decide to drop the make up, the jewelry, and wear a burka - men will quit looking at you like your sexy. We *cant* have it both fucking ways, ladies, or have you *not* figured that out by now?

Its not "an excuse" - men *are* visually* stimulated.and you *know* that - other wise you wouldnt care about the perfectcocksucking pout, the glamor nails to scratch up his back, the form fitting shirts that show off every curve you have to offer....
Now - the men do have a responsibility to respond in a *controlled* manner.... thier bodies are in thier own control, just like our choice to wear the shorts skirts are...

But when you step into a fictional world - a world that has *long* been the singular domain of frustrated 40 year old virgins living in thier parents basements.... and Im betting that only 1/50 of those are female... (I should know, I was one) Then guess what - its *thier* world

Its the same thing if you want to be a woman plumber, or carpenter.
You want to play with the boys, well guess what - they *dont* play like us.
They insult each other - and then *laugh*it*off* - and forget about it.
They say rude, terrible, nasty things - and most of the time - mean *nothing* by it.

So why the fuck - if this bothers you - do you *want* to be in thier world?
Perhaps we should petition Blizzard to make us a womans version of WoW.
The guys would be in loincloths
THe women would be in full armor.
The Quest lines would be all about how men cheated, lied and beat thier way through - and now deserved retribution.
Except around holidays, where it would all be like Valentines day - everybody falling in love and breaking hearts and kicking asses.
All the bosses could be the women who put these male puppets in power
And Jaina Proudmore and Alexstrasia would be lovers, and rule the whole damn world.

Me, Im going to stay were Thrall is sexy, Arthas is a basterd, and innkeeper's daughters jokes make me snicker.
I perfer to pick up my non-existent balls, and play with the bigboys.
And enjoy the fact that I know, that in real life, I can turn them into gibbering piles of goo.

Because I understand that men are men, and women are women, and thank *god* - we are different.

Stolen from Jewel Staites blog.....
#5: How would YOU have wanted Firefly to end?

Well, I wouldn't have, now would I? But in my perfect imagination, it ends a little something like this: Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?), and one who mysteriously looks a lot like Matthew Fox, who became a regular cast member in season six. River has finally found her marbles and is now captaining her own ship with her loyal second-in-command, Jayne, who claims that River is the best captain he's ever known. Saffron is now their mercenary, and Jayne's lover. And because this is the future and vast discoveries have been made in the world of medicine, Jayne is pregnant with their first child. Inara and Mal finally profess their undying love for each other while Inara is, well, dying in his arms (something gruesome, lotsa blood), and Mal finally realizes that life is short. And promptly confesses his (other) undying love to Zoe. And she promptly punches him in the face.

there are no words, for how much I adore this woman.

Writer's Block: Supersize me
Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?
I avoid Nike.

As an actual bible believing Christian I cant support a company who openly advertises the Satanic First Commandment, according to Anton LeVays Satanic Verses.

I also for years, boycotted Johnny Depp. Similar reason. Unfortunately, I, like most other middle aged women, have a pulse, so thats not working so well.

I do manage, for years at a time, manage to boycott pork products, McDonalds, and all fried food. Mostly for health reasons.
Proving impossible with the twin problems of tiredness and two toddlers.

I think thats about it, unless you count the Church as a company...
Which I boycott mostly for its anti-biblical, anti-Christian practices.

Yes, I know - color me conflicted.


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